I Owe Allegheny West Neighbors an Apology

On October 19, I wrote a blog post about the looming closure of James Street Tavern, loosely based on a FB post I had created the night before. In that post, I incorrectly identified the James Street neighborhood as Allegheny West.

I was wrong – it is East Allegheny. And that matters because each neighborhood has its own CDC and neighborhood groups and vibe. The residents in each neighborhood on the Northside drive their relationships with businesses. We are not really one big giant monolithic Northside in all things.

It was also offensive to tell the folks in Allegheny West to pull their heads out of their asses around gentrification issues when, in fact, their heads and asses are not the problem. They have no horse in this race.

I’m actually shocked it took almost two weeks for someone to point out my error. I am glad I have the opportunity to update the post and I decided that I should write a separate apology. Allegheny West neighbors played an important role exposing potential fraud and mishandling of financial matters involving an LGBTQ organization. I applaud their even application of the law.

I am sorry for referencing the wrong neighborhood. It sends a poor message about the folks in a neighborhood adjacent to my own and where I spent a lot of time patronizing businesses. I don’t know many people who live in Allegheny West, but I don’t think they should just be conflated with another similarly named neighborhood. It was a mistake on my part and I apologize.



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