Update on the Memorial for Gwynevere River Song Including Link to Donate

Gwynevere River Song

Nell from TransPride Initiative has shared a few updates with me.

  • Gwyn’s friends and mother have confirmed that Gwyn mostly used ‘she/her’ pronouns, but was fine with ‘they/them.’  Gwyn’s Facebook profile showed ‘they’ as their preference, but that may have been dated information.
  • The memorial for Gwyn is set for Monday, August 21, 2 PM at the Wayne Boze Funeral Home. No other viewing times are scheduled. This is Gwyn’s obituary.
  • TransPride Initiative is accepting donations towards the contribution of a purple flower arrangement for the memorial (purple was Gwyn’s favorite color) and anything beyond th costs of the flowers will go to Gwynn’s family. You can donate here: http://tpride.org/support/donations.php
  • No further details about the circumstances around Gwyn’s death have been confirmed.
  • If you’d like to learn more about Gwyn, check out YouTube where you’ll find a series of impressive video articulating on everything from gender identity politics to physics.

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