Western PA Resistance During the House District Work Week – Resist #AHCA

Now is the time to show up. In person. With a spouse, partner, friend and/or your children. Show your ire and our collective might.

Bring a sign or not. Just be there.

Stand on the front line or on the fringe. Just be there.

Chant and raise your hand or use your phone to document the moments. Just be there.

Use a personal day, flex your schedule, and remember those who don’t have these options. Just be there.

Share this with everyone who has a preexisting condition. Or who has a kid with a preexisting condition.

I want to see so many constituent protestors at Toomey’s office on Tuesday that Grant Street is shut down in the middle of the day because of all of the people. I want the chants to ring up and down Pittsburgh’s corporate boardrooms as traffic and parking delays draw their attention to our power. I want to remind Democrats in office that socially conservative, Democrat-lite is no longer a flavor of the week.

I want to see Pittsburgh on the evening cable news shows next week as examples of how Americans feel about the travesty that was voted last week.

I’m not asking you to hurl yourself into a busy street filled with traffic. Show up, park legally and join the crowd. As it grows, the police will respond and they will be forced to protect you exercising your freedoms. The media will show up to document the crowds.

We will be heard.

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The US House of Representatives will be home this week for what’s known as a District Work Week. It will have a HUGE impact if more people turn out this particular week. Our particular targets are

Congressman Keith Rothfus

Congressman Tim Murphy

Congressman Mike Kelly

Senator Pat Toomey (not a work week for him, but it still has an impact)

Here are the gatherings that I’ve been able to document so far. ANYONE can attend. Of course it helps to center actual district residents, but your presence at all of these matters. Share this on your social media page – urge your friends and neighbors to join in. Talk with your kids and get them excused from school to participate. Offer to give someone a ride. Bring water.

Rothfus Rant

  1. His North Hills office located at 6000 Babcock Blvd 4 PM on Monday 
  2. The weekly “Where’s Rothfus Wednesday” at noon, same location.
  • People should park in the Northway mall parking lot. 6000 Babcock Boulevard, Suite 104 Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Mondays With Murphy,

  1. Monday at noon in front of Murphy’s office 504 Washington Road Mt. Lebanon. Wear black.
  2. Monday at 2:30 PM in front of Murphy’s Greensburg office, 2040 Frederickson Place. Wear black.

Monday Minus Mike (Kelly)

  1. Monday, 8:30 AM, Diamond Park in Butler

Tuesdays with Toomey

  1. Pittsburgh, Grant Building (310 Grant Street) 12 PM. Gather in Firstside Park.
  2. Similar events same day in Allentown, Johnstown, Philadelphia and Wilkes-Barre

If I’m missing anything, please let me know. I’ll update as new information becomes available.

We have a powerful window of time to send a clear message about the vote for the AHCA and what it will mean in the 2018 mid-term election.  But it is just one week. So clear your schedule for a few hours and resist.


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