Ten Clothing Donation Tips for the #AMPLIFY @GWSWPA Collection Event

We are hosting a collection of items to be donated to Goodwill – we receive a $.10/pound of usable donations. So you can pass along your extra stuff to a great LGBTQ friendly organization AND help fund our work.

This will be a series of posts leading up to that collection with tips and suggestions, supported by the folks at OfficeWorx who are offering you a 10% discount on clean-outs with code word AMPLIFY.

Clothing is a great donation. You can contribute adult and children’s items. Here are a few tips:

  1. Larger sizes are in high demand for all ages. If you have women’s 3x and above, you will be filling a critical need for those who shop at Goodwill.
  2. Ideal donations are seasonally appropriate, so keep us on mind as you shake out the shorts and consider the bathing suits.
  3. Winter clothing is still useful. TIP Pack season items together in bags or boxes to make it a little easier on the Goodwill staff.
  4. Goodwill does recycle textiles aka clothes, so pack up your soiled, stained, torn items into one box or bag. These won’t be sold, but will stay out of the landfill by being recycled which also generates revenue for Goodwill. Wash these items, please. I have a bag of washed, but mismatched tattered socks to donate for recycling.
  5. Shoes! Donate your gently used shoes AND your tattered old single shoes for recycling!
  6. Do you need to thin out the tee-shirt collection? Imagine how happy someone will be to find a legacy KISS shirt from 1979 when they are shopping.
  7. Have some extra shirts from a 5K or family reunion? We’ll take them.
  8. Think belts, ties, shoelaces, etc. Also scarves.
  9. Sporting clothing – uniforms, athletic pants, shorts, socks, extra team shirts, etc.
  10. Uniforms and work clothing are ESPECIALLY helpful for folks who are getting started in a new career. School uniforms, work shirts, pants, scrubs, business professional items, etc.

We’ll see you on Saturday July 8 from 10-1 at Persad Center, in the back lot. You can pull up, unload your stuff and be on your way in moments.

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