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The number of visitors to our blog is on the rise as are the number of our social media followers and our email list subscribers. We recently received two readers choice awards and just six months ago, we were voted Best Local Blogger by readers of the Pittsburgh City Paper.

You find value in what we do. From #AMPLIFY to our In Memoriam series acknowledging and exploring the crisis of violence against trans people of color. We tackle hyper-local campaign issues and explore how the community responds to domestic violence in our suburban communities. I blog about local grocery stores, the resistance to racial justice and intersectionality among local progressive, and local angles on national issues.

We build community by starting a dialogue on issues that matter to you – that’s why you are reading. That dialogue spills into Facebook and Twitter and email and, occasionally, into real time.  The dialogue is what gives a signal boost to the voices of our #AMPLIFY contributors.

This takes a lot of time and energy on my part. What started as a hobby has grown into a very real job. I’m not alone in that experience.  I want the blog to continue to grow and to continue being as accessible as possible. It is the foundation for AMPLIFY to remain a permanent archive.

We are asking you to invest in this work that you value. Help us continue to keep moving forward. Support queer women’s voices at the helm of community media resources. Invest in a local feminist resource.

And please know that if you cannot donate, that’s absolutely okay. I’m asking those who have the capacity to invest without causing hardship to themselves to do so.

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