Pgh Organizes ‘Bey-B’ Shower for Black and Brown Pregnant Folks

The Black Femme Excellence Co is organizing a community-wide baby shower centering black and brown pregnant folks in this region who are expecting or recently gave birth. This is part of the nationwide movement to organize ‘Bey-B’ showers to celebrate the wonders of black parents, including LGBTQ parents.  It is also a tangible way to addressing the disproportionate  rate of infant mortality that impacts children of color by providing parents with resources AND connecting them to supports as they raise their children.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 13 from 12-3 PM at Repair the World in East Liberty – 6022 Broad Street. 

Interested mothers and mothers to be can register here. If you are unable to attend, you can still register and receive support.

Here are some needs that you might be able to meet as a volunteer/donor:

  • Translation of the event materials into languages to reach women for whom English may not be their primary language. Spanish is a top priority, but also perhaps Amharic, Arabic, Bantu languages and more. This would include promotional materials to make women feel welcome and the event materials.
  • Diaper donations along with gently used clothes, any sort of baby or nesting items that’s in excellent condition. Physical donations can be taken to House of Manna Faith Community in Homewood, at the comer of N Homewood Ave and Idlewild St. Ask for Free, she’ll be there Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8am – noon, or we can arrange something else with event organizers (If you click through the event, you’ll find the organizers direct information)
  • Donate items from the Amazon Wish List that will be delivered to the event organizers.
  • Gift cards to places like Target, Babies R Us, and similar retailers as well as Visa cards will allow parents to select their own items.
  • Financial donations will help attendees purchase items they specifically need or

I encourage you to give what you can. You can direct questions to the Black Femme Excellence Co.


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