#AMPLIFY Honors The Trans Day of Visibility #TDOV

Today, March 31, is the International Transgender Day of Visbility which celebrates the lives of transgender neighbors while also raising awareness of discrimination. It was established in 2009 to focus on the celebration of our wonderful and amazing trans neighbors and friends.

Earlier this month, we organized a fundraiser to support the local #TDOV vigil event scheduled for Downtown Pittsburgh AT 5:30 pm.

The #AMPLIFY project has been so please to highlight the lives of our neighbors in their own words. Our trans identified contributors reflect a wide array of experiences – some are newly transitioning while others have been living out loud for decades. Then range in age from 18 to their late 60s and live in many of our Western PA counties, perhaps far more than we might anticipate. Keep in mind that keep in mind that we ask an open-ended question about identity so not all responses cannot easily be categorized. It is entirely possible other contributors do identify as trans, but did not share that information.  The trans community represents about 22% of our contributors. I hope we are doing something that’s right and good. And necessary.

I urge you this day to read through these stories and learn about your trans neighbors. They are lawyers and creators and community activists and educators and parents and so many other wonderful roles in our community.  And check the hashtag #TDOV

And we’d love to include your story as we move forward. Click here to fill out the Q&A. It takes about 30 minutes of your time.

  1. alexis, 29, talks compensation & community for marginalized lgbtq neighbors **
  2. Rashod Is An Unapologetic Trans Man of Color
  3. Donna Met a Female Impersonator Who Made a Lasting Impression
  4. Katie-Anne Speaks As Two Spirited Bi Gendered Resident of Johnstown
  5. Twist Shares Their Life as Neuroqueer
  6. CJ Describes Living Stealth As A Trans Man
  7. Patrouious Describes His Fears & Frustrations as a Trans Man in McKean County 
  8. Sivynn Acknowledges That Some People Just Don’t Pay Attention to His Transition
  9. Brandon Believes Pittsburgh Should Have Better Trans Health Resources
  10. Jesse Believes in the Power of [Trans]cendence
  11. Jessi is a Trans Lesbian Who Asks Questions
  12. Kitty Is Out and Open as a Bisexual Trans Woman in Erie County 
  13. Alex is a Black Trans Man Who Doesn’t Apologize For His Existence
  14. Jesse Talks About Living as a Trans Woman in a Culture of Fear
  15. Kaley is Trans, Queer and a Fan of Gender Outlaws
  16. Roman Knows to the Depths of His Soul That He Is a Man #AMPLIFY
  17. Niki Talks About Living as a Gender Queer Trans Woman in Pittsburgh
  18. Jazmine, 46, Has Advice for LGB Allies to the Trans Community
  19. Moira Describes the Toll of Gatekeeping on the Trans Community
  20. Elliot is Bi, Trans and Wishes Westmoreland County Was Talking More About Queer Youth
  21. Corvus Regrets the Lack of Sober, Radical, Queer, and Disability Friendly Community in Pgh 
  22. Cavanaugh, 25, Talks About Genderflux Identity and the Value of Self-Care 
  23. Alyssa is First Generation Cuban American, Trans, Gender Nonconforming and from Beaver County
  24. Sabrina, 50, Found New Friends When She Came Out as Trans
  25. Alissa, 34, is Just Another Girl in the Crowd in Lawrence County
  26. Austin, 30, is a Straight Trans Man from Washington County
  27. Tylor, 30, is a Pansexual Trans Man Who Wants Better for Young People
  28. Bobby, 50, Queer Trans Guy, White Anti-Racism Activist
  29. Wes, 44: Queer Trans Man, Parent Wants You To Know That He Exists
  30. Patricia, 41, Does Not Feel Safe as a Trans Woman in Her Urban Pgh Suburb
  31. Avery is a Bisexual, Latino Tran Man in Cambria County
  32. Delilah, 31, Finds Trans Community on Twitter
  33. Caitlyn 51, Lives Her Authentic Self as a Trans Woman in Erie 
  34. ‘Your Story Can Heal’ Says Rain, 26
  35. Samantha, 44, Wants Better Health Choices for the Trans Community
  36. Ciora, 27, Says Trans People Have the Strength of Two Souls
  37. Lavi, 29, is Trans Queer Bi and Wants Your Respect & Support
  38. Vi, 24, Is Very Concerned About Trans Health Issues in Pittsburgh 
  39. Lav, 29, a Queer Trans Gender Non Binary Mermaid Witch Warrior
  40. Vanessa, 31, Describes Her Transition & Life as Pansexual in Washington County
  41. Ravenna, 37, Pansexual Trans Woman Living in the Allegheny County Suburbs
  42. Dawn, 33, Describes Life as a Trans Woman in Westmoreland County
  43. Caiolin, 56, is Just Another Woman Who Happens To Be Trans
  44. Tyler, 18, is a Pansexual Trans Man in Erie


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