Erie Pridefest Update, Vacation for AMPLIFY and More

Folks, I am tired. It has been a long, hot, and sneezy summer for me. I’ve been caught in relentless torrential downpours, had to go car shopping, lost power on an 85+ afternoon, managed multiple ill pets, wondered every day if this was the day the central AC motor would die, worried about the leaking roof, was hustled for money by former friends, and lots more frazzling things. OMG, Climate Change deserves it’s own sentence!!!!

To top it off, someone skimmed my business debit card and stole $400 from my checking account over the weekend. So I have to deal with paperwork and police reports and lack of access to my funds and resources. Grrrr.

The plan this weekend was to head to Erie for Pridefest and some other LGBTQ fun as well as a little R&R. That got a little off-course when I realized that I had missed the deadline to register as a vendor for Pride. Well, to be fair to me, I was using their Facebook event guidelines which were different than their website guidelines. Unfortunately, they didn’t think that was a good enough reason to accommodate me and so I was left table-less (I also have my own table, but that didn’t help either) along with everyone else who made that fumble. Personally, I think it is a poor judgement call to exclude people who followed instructions that were wrong because of your error. It might actually be illegal since its a contractual obligation, but its definitely in poor form.

I mean, who turns paying customers bringing 4 days worth of tourism investment away? Especially when we didn’t do anything wrong? I’m sure there’s more to the story, but I’m too tired to bother with it. I can muster up the ire and indignation to push back against this baloney. I got ten million real problems.

All of this leads me to one conclusion – I need a break.

So after this post, I’ll be taking a week off from blogging and just engage in some R&R. We are still heading to Erie, but instead of spending our money at the Pride events – we’ll spend it at general Erie spaces. Hashtag #TheirLoss Hashtag #LesbiansHaveLongMemories Hashtag #GiveErieABadName

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Our pet & house sitter arrives on Thursday afternoon so we will hit the road and then hit the beach that evening.  Leave a comment if you have a restaurant suggestion.  Our plans include the Lady Kate Sunset Cruise on Lake Erie, beach, beach and the Environmental Center. And more beach.


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