Vote in the 2016 LGBT Reader’s Choice Awards – UPDATED!

Updated to reflect two NEW categories – see the list below.

Time again for the annual Readers Choice awards sponsored by Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter. We’ve been honored to be nominated and awarded in previous years. Here’s how it works: AwardLogo1

You copy the ballot below into an email with your nominations then send it to  The deadline is January 31, 2016.


​1. Dancer of the Year 2016

2. Mr. Gaylife All Male 2016

3. Any News Media Staff or Columnist (Writer of the Year)

4. Entertainer of the Year

5. Mr. Gaylife Male of the Year 2016

6. Lesbian of the Year 2016

7. GLBT Couple of the Year 2016

8. Event of the Year 2016

9. Mr. Gaylife Hunk 2016

10. GLBT Person of the Year 2016

11. DJ of the Year 2016

12. Humanitarian of the Year 2016

13. Staff of the Year 2016

14. Mr. Gaylife Congeniality 2016

15. Miss Gaylife Congeniality 2016

16. Mr. Gaylife 2016

17. Miss Gaylife 2016

18. Favorite GLBT Organization or Group 2016

19. Establishment of the Year 2016

20. Bi, Trans or Queer Person of the Year 2016​​

21. Bi, Trans or Queer Community Organization/Event of the Year

22. Favorite GLBT Social Media 2016​


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