The Art of Blogging – Celebrate the ‘Burghosphere’ at Most Wanted Fine Art

At the beginning of the month, local bloggers nominated their peers for various honors in outstanding blogging achievements. Please join those bloggers and the community to celebrate this amazing community known as the blogosphere or the ‘Burghosphere’ at two upcoming events.

Friday, November 20 is a 21+ celebration from 7-10 PM featuring complimentary adult beverages, refreshments, and a one-of-a-kind award ceremony. You can browse the art on exhibit as created by seven local bloggers (including moi) and take your chance to be #PghFamous with a photo in front of the one of a kind Pittsburgh Art Car.


Sunday, November 22 is a family friendly celebration from 1-4 PM also featuring refreshments, kid friendly beverages and activities. We know that children (and partners/spouses/family) are part of the blogging experience so we specifically decided to hold two celebrations.

You are welcome at one or both!

We are asking for a $5 donation for each adult who attends, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We are also selling limited edition ‘Best of the Burghosphere’ tee shirts for $15 which includes your admission fee. All proceeds benefit the Artist Residency programs of Most Wanted Fine Art and Bloomfield Garfield Corporation.

It was interesting to have a work exhibited in an art show. I compiled a slideshow of my blogging about the epidemic of murder against trans women in the United States. It was hung near another slide show of political blogging graphics by Maria Lupinacci. Most of the other artists had more traditional art on exhibit so it was a nice mix.

Best of the burghosphere
The two video exhibits

I mingled a bit, but mostly I just observed how people were engaging the art. We had set up the slideshows on 7 inch tablets which worked well – it gave viewers an intimate experience with the words and the images (no sound) in the midst of a crowded room. It was the sort of crowd I would expect to be somewhat informed on the issues Maria and I were addressing, but I was and remain curious what they thought. We had nothing for sale so there was no way to really gauge the engagement.

The evening was very nice so we sat on a bench in front of the venue and chatted for awhile with various friends and acquaintances. A few doorfronts away, a band was performing in the basement of a house with no roof. It was very punk. Ha. Someone next door was teaching tango lessons. And there was a waffle truck on the street.

And there was art. Up and down the street, spilling into the streets, creating chaos and combustion and conversation. I imagine if you could animate the blogosphere, it would look quite a bit like an art crawl  especially an art crawl in Garfield versus say a more fancified part of town. There’s a week’s worth of posts and comments alone on the plans for the house with no roof and a basement filled with urban pioneers with guitars. Not squatters. Not renters. A neighborhood filled with green screens, but few recycling bins. It is a conversation worth having.

And blogging about, too.

See you next week!

Best of the Burghosphere



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