Good Mornings With Milk Bones


Dog treats are an age-old dilemma. We have a nearly-14-year-old shepherd mix (Xander) struggling to maintain his weight and a little bit of activity and we also have a 8-year-old chihuahua mix who needs to drop some weight because she’s been living the retired older doggie lifestyle of late.

We use a combination of premade treats and people foods like baby carrots and peanut butter. I have a million kongs and all sorts of other ways to keep it interesting.

Xander needs to increase his intake of glucosamine and chondroitin. He resists the usual supplements and I have to be careful not to turn him off his food. He’s really good at sniffing out supplements snuck into treats. So I was happy that he responded so well to these Milk-Bone Good Morning Healthy Treats. I give the chihuahua a little nip from the edge of the treat and feed the rest to Xander.

Keeping Xander active is a challenge – we do a little walk around the back yard, but sometimes he isn’t up to the steps out into the yard. But he’s still responsive to treats. He hears the rattle of the can or the bag while managing to ignore me saying “Come Xander” five million times. LOL.

We are long past putting supplements into his canned food because he won’t eat it. I use pill pockets for his actual medication. So having supplements built into his treats is a help.  And soft treats make it easy to help Ana feel included without increasing her calories too much.

So these treats are a win/win for us. To be fair, the chondroitin dosage of the treats is fine (about 1500 mg) but the glucosamine is still low – we’d have to give him ten treats to make it. But it is a start and it helps us. Xander loves it and that’s what really matters.

We also tried the Milk Bone dental treats. The dogs practically swallowed these as treat so I’m not confident it is a worthwhile investment.

Disclosure – I received several samples from Milk Bones in exchange for my honest feedback. The opinions, of course, are my own.

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