#ReelQ30 Preview: S&M Sally

S&M Sally

S&M Sally

Saturday October 10, 4 PM at The Harris Theater

S&M Sally is the third of a series of sorts following lesbians Jamie & Jill as singletons and, in this third installment, as a couple of one solid year. It is a comedy that delves into the BDSM world with all the of the anticipation, trepidation and challenges any newbie might expect.

Jamie learns that Jill was once part of the BDSM scene and immediately wants to learn more. Jamie’s humorous exploration of her interest in kink is a metaphor for her unfolding understanding of her gender identity as a butch lesbian. She’s struggling with reconciling what’s expected of “the butch” in a relationship with what actually turns her on sexually.

The movie is cute and has many sweet, funny moments. Writer/director/star Michelle  is part of the BDSM community so I hope that means she’s faithful in presenting a representation. I’ve never been to a club or a dungeon or a munch so I can’t really say.

I was a little taken aback by one scene – Jamie lets her gay male BFF paw through Jill’s sex toys to borrow items. That scene could have played out in a sex toy store much better and felt less like Jamie was emoting all over Jill’s boundaries (and privacy.)

There’s a subplot involving the BFF that is lackluster. It is a little odd that the same-sex male couple and the opposite-sex poly couple had much more on-screen physical time than Jamie and Jill. We saw J&J cuddle, but the absence of actual physical intimacy was notable. Maybe it was intentional.

The other thing that caught my attention was the lack of scenery. I know the budget is limited, but it seems like all low-budget queer people have the same furniture and lack of personal items in their scenes. A minimalist feel is one thing, but it just seemed … empty?

Nonethless, this is an amusing film and a nice addition to ReelQ30. I think queer women will enjoy the lighthearted elements.


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