Judah Fellowship Christian Church Will Not Participate in Pgh Pridefest



Public Statement of Protest

“…with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love…” Ephesians 4:2-3

JUDAH Fellowship Christian Church stands in opposition to racism, bigotry, and homophobia in any form.  As followers of Christ and the only predominantly African-American inclusive church in the region, we uplift love, unity, and the equality of all people. It is because of our identity and faith that we have taken a firm stand to NOT participate in the Pittsburgh PrideFest of 2015.

We believe that choices have been made that do not uphold a position of respect for all people, most particularly people of color and those within the trans community. As a ministry that is open and inclusive to all, our congregation reflects a myriad of people representing the rainbow of God’s love. We will never be a part of an event or a contingency of events that is counter to that for which we stand.

Furthermore, we believe that actions of reconciliation and mediation could have been initiated at any point and yet no action was taken. Failure to do so signals to us a blatant disregard of the concerns and cries of the community. And this we cannot support.

We stand in solidarity with those whom have also decided to not participate, especially New Voices Pittsburgh, Black PRIDE and First United Methodist Church. We invite any who would like to do so to join us on Saturday, June 13th during the Iggy Azalea Concert for a special worship service at 6:00pm at our church at 120 Parkhurst Street (directly across the street from the AGH emergency room).

This decision comes about through much prayer and discernment of our pastor, leadership team, and congregation. We will always devote ourselves to the loving, inclusive, justice-seeking will of God and the needs of those around us.



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