Where Would I Live?

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

So, my first impulse is to move to Europe. My very next thought is “what about the pets?” So I’m going to stick with a US location.

My first choice would be Seattle and/or Portland. I’ve been to neither and would not have a strong preference between them. Ledcat would love to live in either place so for my imagine year, she’ll get a 12 month highly paid assignment investigating police misconduct and we’ll go live in one of these places. The climate is milder than Pgh and we certainly deal with cloudy/rainy days.

My second choice would be Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I want to live near the ocean and be in a super-loving LGBT community. Not necessarily on the beach, just beach adjacent.

My third choice would be San Francisco – assuming money is no object.

I’ve already lived in the Deep South (Louisiana) and the Central-South (Kentucky) as well as in DC (technically, Northern Virginia) as well as PA. I’ve travel through Texas quite a bit and have no desire to revisit the Southwest at all. I have even less desire to return to the Deep South on a permanent basis. I don’t want to intentionally move to a state that is colder than Western PA (maybe Upstate New York) and definitely not to a state that treats us worse than PA, not even for a vacation much less a year.

I haven’t really been to New England so that’s still on my list.

The key, of course, is one of those big fancy law firms swooping in to scoop up an experienced civilian investigator/lawyer for a police misconduct project. Ahem. I can provide her contact information. Just sayin.



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