Nine Things I’d Like To Do Better

Today’s promptAre you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?

Here’s my somewhat random list of things which I’d like to be better at.

  1. Writing ‘thank you’ notes – I do not excel at responding in a timely fashion. One reason for this is that I have terrible handwriting. Another is that I do not keep a supply of thank you note materials on hand.
  2. Remembering names – I’m that person who always blanks on names in the most awkward moment. It is almost worse when someone says “I’m Emily but you know me as @Kitten276 on Twitter” because that’s two strikes against me.
  3. Reading bus schedules – I’m hopeless. I commuted for several years, but it was one bus in and one bus out. I am absolutely lost at this sort of information presentation and have no idea why.
  4. Parallel park – I’m not horrible, but not great. I grew up in the suburbs so my skill is being able to back into any space just using my side mirrors, no rearview. I actually do better backing into spaces than pulling into spaces because I can see more clearly. I park my CRV more comfortably than Laura’s Civic so I’m sure some of it is depth perception.
  5. Eating without spilling – I have boobs and anyone who also has boobs knows that this is a challenge when it comes to eating gracefully. Add in my hand tremor and an underbite and I’m a hot mess.  For example, tonight we are eating Italian so I’ll probably end up with something on my shirt. I’ll wear a napkin, sure.
  6. Putting away clothes – I have always had this problem, even my mother did the laundry and left it on my bed. It is like a weird mental block because I appreciate having clothing organized and sorted when I have to get dressed. But my tendency is to let things pile up a bit and then rush around.
  7. Speak publicly – I am a terrible speaker. I do okay on the radio, but I ramble a bit. Or worse, make a complete fool of myself in public.
  8. Remember how daylight savings time works – I can never keep this straight. I understand the fall back/spring forward part, but not the why’s and how’s and which season is standard and which is the time of savings. Thank goodness for the interwebs.
  9. Singing – I can read music (sort of) but I have no idea how to sing. GLEE ruined me. LOL.

As my old friend Bob used to say “progress, not perfection.” I have no idea what happened to Bob. I guess I should flex my “something I do well” skills and look him up on Facebook.



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