The Sick

Somewhere along the trail of recent days, I’ve picked up a coldish/virusish ickness. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I’ve been convalescing for several days (along with Xander) culminating in losing my voice today. No jokes!

Speaking of jokes, every time someone asks me if I’m sick or how I’m doing, I make a joke about mumps and the Penguins. No one gets it. No one. I don’t even watch hockey and yet I still get the joke. Instead, I inspire concerned inquiries about my vaccination history. Rest assured, Dr. Tyson innoculated us fully. But I appreciate the concern.

I’m a grumpy sick-person. I pretty much sleep, feed animals, clean up after animals, sleep. My plans for glorious holiday decorating have been swept away by the grumpy tired feelings. And the general sick symptoms.

But Xander is healing well. He’s a little grumpy, too. Too bad there’s no Netflix for dogs. I polished off Season 7 of Gilmore Girls this weekend and will probably get through Agent SHIELD this week. I have strange tastes. Actually, I’m just too tired to think while watching movies.


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