Indecent Divas Cabaret Delivers Fun, Sexy Romp

Indecent Divas

Off The Wall Theater in Carnegie often hosts unique productions that are a bit edgy while still entertaining and accessible. Their current production is an incarnation of “Indecent Divas” – a bawdy, saucy cabaret style show with local artists Anna Elder and Rebecca Covert. Running through Sunday, the show explores sexuality and relationships through contemporary music, ranging from Queen to Miley Cyrus with several songs written and composed by the Divas themselves.

After the show climaxes, the audience is invited to the post-show performance that’s even more scandalous and raunchy, appropriately titled “Pure Filth” where the songs get more raunchy and the props leave nothing to the imagination.

Miley Cyrus
Anna Elder performing Miley Cyrus

Indecent Divas includes a guest appearance by Brian Edwards channeling his best Paul Lynde. Edwards is producer of the website Burgh Vivant.

Covert and Elder each bring incredible vocal prowess to this fun cabaret. Their homage to the television show “Vampire Diaries” was hilarious. The show explores women’s sexuality and sexual confidence as a natural and important facet of our lives. From “meh” dating experiences to a May-December romance with a satisfying twist, the evening is filled with laughs, fun and an impressive array of double-entendres.

Covert, Nomi and Elder in performance
Covert, Nomi and Elder in performance
Paul Lynde
A little throwback to the debonaire small talk.

Covert and Elder are engaging performers who ad lib with ease and embrace the charm of a homespun production where the singers themselves handle all of the set changes. The Vampire Diaries numbers feels exactly like we are peeking into their Thursday night fantasy sequence while they watch the show. It is what a song and dance number would look like for a real person with very real fantasies.

Nomi Darling volunteered to act out a kitty cat during an audience performance  piece.
Nomi Darling volunteered to act out a kitty cat during an audience performance piece.

Indecent Divas continues Saturday and Sunday with performances at 8 PM Tickets are $20 ($25 with the filth encore) and $10 for students and artists ($15 with the encore.) I really like that they have an artist rate.

Off The Wall Theater is located at 25 West Main Street in Carnegie. Be forewarned that the exit ramps to 376 are closed as are the Fort Pitt Tunnels. My suggestion is to jump on Banksville Road and take the back way to Carnegie. During rush hour, it took us less than 30 minutes to get there from the Northside. You’ll have several nice dining options along Main Street. Plus, Off The Wall has plenty of free parking in a lot just across the street.

Off The Wall is home to a resident theater company which produces at least 4 plays a year as well as a dance company, a rotating array of visiting performers, repertory performances and a regular cabaret show. Up next is the play OR

Liz Duffy Adams’ neo-Restoration comedy OR, takes place during one night in the life of Aphra Behn (1640-1689), poet, spy, first professional female playwright, and one of the most influential dramatists of the late 17th century.


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