Phooey on Healing

Name five things that heal your soul.

Speaking of healing, I’m sick. I felt sort of “meh” on Sunday and cruddier the past few days. Today, I feel like I’m in a swimming tank. So sorry for sneezing on your blog.

This is a ridiculous prompt, more appropriate for a yoga class or a lifestyle blog than this spot in the world. So how a bout a more practical prompt – five things that help me when I am sick.

1. Bed. I like a comfy bed, but I can be very restless when I sleep. Sometimes taking a few moments to straighten the bedcovers and plump a pillow can ease my cranky spirit. Inevitably while I am doing so, a cat will take up residence somewhere in “my” spot. Such is the way of cats.

2. Soup. Sure, chicken noodle soup is fine, but I prefer something a bit spicier like Tom Kha from the local thai restaurant or Cambodian Noodle Soup from Cambod-Ican Kitchen. I usually end up with canned chicken noodle unless Ledcat is not sick, too.

3. Fluids. I drink quite a bit and can quickly get irritable if there isn’t a proper variety. Gatorade, ginger ale, fruit juices and water with lots of hot tea thrown in for good measure. When I’m really sick, I set a timer to remind me to get up and go drink one dixie cup of water from the bathroom tap because I can in all honesty get dehydrated very quickly which is very bad with my medications.

4. Low brow things to read. I haven’t been sick enough to be in bed since I got a tablet so perhaps that might change things, but I like to read the equivalent of pulp fiction when I’m ill. Then whine about not knowing what’s going on in the world as we haven’t got cable in the bedroom. Fortunately, I was just informed that season 2 of The Fosters is on Netflix so I’m all set for today and tomorrow.

5. Someone to take care of the critters. One lovely thing about a relationship is that when I am sick, someone else is here to let the dogs in and out, feed the cats, make sure medication is delivered and basically take care of those absolute essential things that require us to leave bed or the couch. Plus, Ledcat will talk with them to keep herself amused and whether I’m hearing accurately or in a bit of a feverish state of mind, it is always both sweet and amusing.

Being sick is for the birds and I fully recognize that I’m an irritable, cranky patient.






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