ArtisticVisionPgh QnA With Dale Capellanio

This Q&A series focuses on artists contributing to the #ArtisticVisionPgh project cosponsored by Most Wanted Fine Art and Penn Avenue Eyewear. Next up is Dale Capellanio

Photo: Dale Capellanio
Photo: Dale Capellanio

Name: Dale Capellanio

Did you grow up with any siblings, friends or schoolmates who wore glasses? Was it a big deal with other kids? My grand parents wore glasses and my parents do now for reading.  I never thought of it as a big deal, just something they need to see better.

Describe your favorite pair of sunglasses (ever.)

How often do you wear sunglasses and why? I work outside for my main job, so most of the time I wear sunglasses. Mainly to cut the glare.

Sunglasses are iconic cool in pop culture. What character from television, movies, comics, etc wore sunglasses in a way that stayed with you? Oh, boy. There are so many, it’s hard to say. Even that song “I wear my sunglasses at night…” is iconic for sunglasses.

Describe your relationship with your current pair of sunglasses. They are a tool. I don’t wear them for fashion or as an accessory.

There’s a pervasive stigma about wearing glasses for young and old,bu t an equally pervasive idea that glasses indicate intelligence (or hipness.) Explain that duality.  Yes, there is a bigger stigma amongst youth with glasses than with older people. I don’t know how true needing glasses and intelligence is, but Hollywood portrays that idea a lot. So maybe Hollywood’s idea of portraying intelligence is to put glasses on them has help with stigma. the

Has participating in this project changed the way you think about vision health? Yes.

Tell me about your work for this exhibit. At this minute I don’t know how I am going to design those glasses.
Sorry don’t ave an answer for that one just yet. I do make custom-made goggles (non-prescription) and this exhibit is right up my alley.

How can readers learn more about your work? I am in the moment without a website. You can find my work on facebook.

Thank you, Dale.



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