#ArtisticVisionPgh Q&A with Heather Froman

This Q&A series focuses on artists contributing to the #ArtisticVisionPgh project cosponsored by Most Wanted Fine Art and Penn Avenue Eyewear. Our next contributor is Heather Froman

Heather Froman
Photo: Heather Froman


Name: Heather Froman

Website: www.heatherfroman.com

Twitter: @HeatherFroman

How old were you when you first had to wear glasses? I was 7 years old when I got my first pair of glasses. I actually faked out the eye exam because I wanted glasses at that age. I thought they were cool because my mom wore them.

How old were you when you had to pay for the glasses you wear? Well, when I was 18 I started having to pay, and that’s when I switched over to contact lenses. By this age, my eyesight really was very bad and it was amazing to be able to see for the first time without having to constantly wear something on my face. In my teenage years, I hated having to wear glasses…not so much because I didn’t like the way they looked, but it bothered me having something constantly resting on my face.

Have you ever had to “fix” your own glasses with tape, string, glue, etc? Oh, yes! I’ve stepped on, fallen asleep on, and sat on my glasses…usually it would be a minor fix, like bending them back or popping the lenses back in, or tightening the screws, though. I don’t remember every having to wear them with tape.

Tell me about a character in literature, film, television or other pop culture who wore glasses and how that resonated with you for good or for bad.  The first person who comes to my mind is James Spader from the movie Stargate. His character wore glasses, and I always thought that made him look more sophisticated and introspective.

Describe your relationship with your glasses now. I’d like to get a new pair because I like the way they look, but for now, I just wear contacts.

There’s a pervasive stigma about wearing glasses for young and old, but an equally pervasive idea that glasses indicate intelligence (or hipness.) Explain that duality. Well, I think that depends on the person wearing them and how confident they are.

Can you describe how the cost of vision health services has had a negative impact on your life? It hasn’t really cost me that much yet, but that is the reason I don’t own a pair of glasses and only have contacts now…glasses are so much more expensive now it seems.

Tell me about your work for this exhibit. I am painting a pair of glasses! It’s a surprise until the show!

How can readers learn more about your work? Please visit my website at: www.heatherfroman.com
Or, like me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/HeatherFromanArt
Or, please follow me on Instagram at: @heatherfromanart

Thank you, Heather.

Image courtesy of Most Wanted Fine Art
Image courtesy of Most Wanted Fine Art


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