Comes To Life? Are You Kidding Me?

One day, your favorite piece of art — a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door — comes to life. What happens next?

I’m wracking my brains on this one. This is what I’ve come up with

1. My favorite calendar is cats gone crazy. Unleashing a herd of calendar cats in my home would be pretty awesome, but chaotic. Plus, can you imagine the condition of the litter boxes? So that won’t work.

Creepy doll writes. Ick.

2. We took our framed art down to paint and put up some hardware on the walls. I found a piece we bought at “Art for Change” a few years ago that has neon flowers blooming. If that came to life, it would mean I had actually planted the wildflower seeds currently sitting in the corner of the kitchen and that would be awesome indeed. Sadly, it is not the case.

3. “Living Art” makes me think of an old episode of Criminal Minds in which a female “unsub” drugged grown women to replicate her childhood dolls. It was a creepy, awful episode. And yes it got much much worse.

4. That thought led me to memories of some creepy steampunk automaton doll episode where a man decided his dolls would be his girlfriends. Ick. I sometimes have bad dreams about that. I’ll probably dream about it coming to life tonight. Great. Thanks for that, Interwebs.

Note: I don’t think steampunk is essentially creepy. Living dolls are creepy. Especially on CSI as is pretty much everything on CSI.

stay not alive, please!

Cat Calendar
Cat calendar comes alive?


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