The Kindness of Neighbors

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

This weekend, a lot of strangers did me a big kindness by donating to Cathy’s Closet. One drive was Friday night at the Blue Moon Bar in Lawrenceville (yes, that Blue Moon of Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck fame) spearheaded by two people I don’t know in real life – Eddie Oke and Theresa Bosco.  Saturday, hundreds of strangers donated personal care items at OUTrageous Bingo and one person anonymously donated $100.

Cathy's Closet
Eddie Oke used his karaoke event to collect items.


Cathy's Closet
Cathy's Closet
More donations
Cathy's Closet
So many donations

What really strikes me about this drive and others at these events is that the people giving are those closest to the need – they were at some point poor or struggling or facing financial challenges. That’s not true of every single person, but inevitably the person who slips a $5 in my hand whispers something to me about a time they were in need of a neighbor’s support. It resonates. Deeply.

Cathy's Closet
The organizers event sorted everything
Cathy's Closet
Cathy's Closet
Anonymous donor told Donna “I”m grateful to be able to make the donation.”
Cathy's Closet
People made excellent choices

I also received a $50 honorarium for speaking to PFLAG today (Sunday) which will go to the project and they are conducting their own product drive in July. So as of right this very minute, we are only $100 short of $1,000 – perhaps your donation will help us reach that milestone?


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