Cathy’s Closet Fundraiser Reaches 20% of Our Goal – Hurrah!

Some excellent news this morning. The fundraising effort to establish and open Cathy’s Closet at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh has reached 20% of its goal – we’ve raised $1,000!

To date, we’ve raised

  • $675 on Crowdrise, a website that works through GuideStar and Network For Good to ensure credibility and transparency.
  • $125 from a pop-up dance party event sponsored by iCandy Pittsburgh
  • $100 from an anonymous donor who handed the money to us at OUTrageous Bingo
  • $100 via the GLCC Paypal website

We’ve also had several collections organized including the first-ever, sponsored by the Ladies Spring Fling. Those items have been placed into what space the GLCC has available. Here’s a photo courtesy of our Americorps member Jake:

Pittsburgh Pride
The Early Days of Cathy’s Closet

Our good friend EddieOke also organized a collection as did the fine folks of Pittsburgh Transgender. I don’t think we’ll have any problems with sustainability given the number of organizations who have stepped forward to organize collections throughout 2014.

But – $1000 is only 20% of our goal. We need the funds to renovate the actual closet space and purchase appropriate shelving and storage bins. We also need to lay in a supply of “core” items that are always in demand – some folks need travel size, others need oversized items to minimize the number of trips they have to make to Cathy’s Closet.  Those of you who work in nonprofits or community groups or business know that there are always behind the scenes costs that need to be addressed – even paperwork, flyers and labels for the items. The GLCC has agreed to host this important project, but they do not have the resources to fund it without our help. Your help!

We had originally hoped to open Cathy’s Closet in June, but that depends on our fundraising efforts. Your donation of $50, $25 or $10 will help us close the gap that much sooner.

How to get involved at this stage

  • Organize a fundraiser to help us raise $100 or $1000 – bakesales, shows, parties, it all helps.
  • Ask your friends and neighbors to support the effort. Set up a mini-challenge to match your own donation.
  • If your employer has a match for your donation or money or time, we can help you tap into it.
  • Make your own financial donation today using the button below. It takes 5 minutes.
Pittsburgh PrideFest
Click to donate now so we can start offering these items to our neighbors before summer arrives.

On a related note, this is today’s blogging prompt:

 If your name (or nickname, or blog name) were to become an adjective, what would it mean?

There’s really no way for “Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents” to become an adjective – it is rather self-evident what it means. However, my actual name is another matter and brings to mind a memory from 8th grade Algebra class with Mr. Kampus.

I had terrible handwriting and when I scribbled “Sue Kerr” on my assignments, he told me it looked like “Skeeter.” A boy I liked very much (Danny Thayer) called me that all of the time. I didn’t mind because he was Danny Thayer, but it does remind me of my propensity to persistently buzz around until I drive people to distraction. So while I hope I am not remembered as being a blood sucking PITA, I don’t mind being known for persistence or determination.  You might swat at me to make me go away with my reminders about some unpleasantries like the devastating impact of poverty, but I’ll just try another approach?

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” – Dalai Lama


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