Allies at the Toonseum Offer Relaxed Way to Enjoy Pride in the Street

I have never been to Pride in the Street because I don’t really like standing in crowds, especially if people are drinking. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it – it just isn’t comfortable for me. When Melissa Etheridge played, I was out of state so I wasn’t even tempted. But when I heard Chaka Khan was coming this year, I got tempted because I knew the Ledcat would LOVE to see her.

Ledcat doesn’t mind standing in crowds for music performances, but she’s also not a fan of being around people drinking and since she’s so little – it can actually be a safety matter. Trampling Ledcat would not go over well in Pittsburgh, right?

Fortunately, our ally and friend Joe Wos at The Toonseum has created a terrific solution – Kitty Pryde Fest VIP Lounge At ToonSeum

For an additional $25, you can enjoy a private lounge right on Liberty Avenue (945 Liberty) with both indoor and outdoor seating, alcohol and a clean indoor bathroom. You can also take a look at the exhibits of The Toonseum and have entrance/exit privileges the entire evening. So you can wander down to see the sights or just kick back on The Toonseum patio to enjoy the music and the people watching.

The Toonseum (and Joe) are allies to the community. They hosted the Closing Night party for the 2013 REELQ Film Festival, they regularly invite LGBTQ youth groups to visit the museum and they are very vocal about LGBTQ rights.

So that’s $40 for your ticket to Pride in the Streets plus $25 for access to the lounge (includes alcohol) I asked Joe about food since we aren’t able to bring it into the event itself. He said drop if off the day before and he’s considering ordering pizza. So $65 for a place to sit, a bit of privacy, a bathroom, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages plus whatever food arrangement is worked out – that’s a pretty decent deal.  (It is actually cheaper than paying for the Beer Garden – shhhh)

So purchase your Pride in the Street ticket to see Chaka Khan here and then your VIP Toonseum Lounge tickets here.

Pride in the Street
Brad & George Takei support the Toonseum. This event was supported by Gay for Good Pgh


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