This Blog Post Is Filler

I have blogged every single day since October 1, 2013 as part of NaBloPoMo and using the Daily Prompts blogging website. That’s almost 6 solid months of daily blogging, sometimes more often.

Until today. Today, I had nothing. The daily prompt asked me if I have confidence. I think that might be the most boring blog post ever. NaBloPoMo wanted to know if I prefer to be with people or alone. Plus, I’m “on a break” from BlogHer because I think the CEO is snarky and rude. If my CEO spoke to ME as an employee like this, I would try to find a new job.

Dear Internet, media, humans and haters: Face it, Sheryl Sandberg is the boss of you. She just proved it. Again.

I in fact did resign from their “Social Media Influencers” program over this because it is so NOT the tone I want to reflect when I engage people who follow my social media ramblings. The boss of me? No, she is in fact not, Ms. Jones, and now no longer are you. You can keep your $50 payments. While I need to earn money, I’m not working for someone with such nasty disregard for me. But high five on the hip white lady blogging. I suppose it is edgy to reference the Urban Dictionary, but I’m now revisiting the fact that BlogHer insists on using GLBT instead of LGBT. That speaks volumes.

That left me with the #WHM Accidental Genealogist question about my female ancestors immigration stories. I got nothing there. I know when a few came, but I’ve never actually looked at the documents. I don’t know why they came specific to their individual story.

Nothing in the local paper about LGBTQ issues. Lots of national stories, but nothing that resonates with me. Or that I feel I can enhance with my unique take on things.

I could write a list. Or toss up some links. Maybe a meme? (We’ve had enough of that for now haven’t we?) Photo of my dogs?

Describe my lunch? Blueberry muffin and coffee. Tell you about my day? I did a lot of computer work. Amusing anecdote? A scam artist came to my house and I sicced my dog on her (verbally, not literally.) Product review? I bought this item and my cat broke it in less than five hours. 

Throwback Thursday?

wpid-IMG_20140327_154648.jpg I got nothing else!


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