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Several years ago, our friend Joe Skoski asked us to be testers for a new all-natural facial he was developing. So we schlepped up to his house and each of us had a turn to stretch out on the massage table and receive an hour-long facial. Joe explained to us step-by-step what he was doing and what products he had selected and why. So it was very interesting as well as relaxing.

Joe is now a licensed aesthetician and offers facials for individuals or groups through the Trevor James Experience salon in Deutchstown on the Northside. While we’ve had facials at coffeehouses, churches, various salons and in Joe’s living room, this location was far and away the best. Joe’s company is called Get Your Glow 

Ledcat (l) with Joe Skoski (r)
Ledcat (l) with Joe Skoski (r)

What sets him apart is using high quality materials including cosmetic clays and natural products like Daisy Sour Cream and many other food-based ingredients. He also uses high quality massage oils for the face, neck and hand massage that comes with the longer facials.

I have pretty sensitive skin and allergies so Joe has developed a very light facial mask for me and uses Jojoba oil which has almost no scent. He’s create this based on the extensive intake survey he conducts as well as his ongoing study of skin nutrition and health.

Joe’s interest in skin care started very personally – he has renovated their home himself and was struggling with the impact of the dust and debris on his skin as well as his hands. He, too, has allergies and his wife had other types of skin care needs. He’s very interested in all-natural lifestyle so it was a perfect fit for him to start designing his own products.

Joe posts an easy recipe for a home mask using sour cream and rolled oats.
Joe posts an easy recipe for a home mask using sour cream and rolled oats.

What can you expect?  You’ll complete an intake survey which he’ll review with you, then he’ll have you change into a sarong and put up your hair from your face. You’ll lie on a comfortable table and he runs a moisturizing steamer throughout the treatment. He cleanses your skin using the best product for your skin type, then he give you a facial massage unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Then he applies the mask and will give you a hand treatment while the mask sets. He then removes the mask, applies a soothing unscented lotion and you are somehow expected to get off the table and leave! 🙂

A few days later, he will email you to get your feedback. This is often when we discuss things like the impact of the scent on my sinuses, etc.

Joe's massage table.
Joe’s massage table.

The masks and cleanser are prepared same-day so appointment are required. I’ve found him very receptive to my feedback – when a slightly more fragrant ingredient triggered my sinuses, Joe immediately told me what to do and adjusted my survey. He remembers better than I do!

I honestly tried to take a photo of myself getting a facial, but because I was not wearing my glasses – you can only imagine the results. So here is a photo Joe uses on his website of someone else after the mask is applied.

Another client with a mask based on her skin type (oily.)
Another client with a mask based on her skin type (oily.)

Get Your Glow also offers other services including facial waxing (facial only.)  He often hosts mini-facial events where you can sample the service for a modest price and decide if you like it. Joe often hosts parties of 3-6 people who can bring food and beverages to the location (Bistro To Go down the block will cater) as a fun way to prepare for a wedding, prom or celebrate by relaxing together.

Joe waxes my eyebrows. I don't mind the process, but the scent/chemicals bother my sinuses. He reduces that by using natural ingredients.
Joe waxes my eyebrows. I don’t mind the process, but the scent/chemicals bother my sinuses. He reduces that by using natural ingredients.

The Trevor James Experience salon is simply put – gorgeous. It is located in a former art gallery so the lighting is terrific and there’s a nice modern vibe to the layout. Joe’s hours are during slower times so you can bring your guests to the back of the space and spread out a bit without being overwhelmed at all by the hair styling. And of course you can arrange to have your hair done as well obtain a mani/pedi if you like. The TJE has a range of stylists with all sorts of specialities and very flexible hours.

The Trevor James Experience is a gorgeous space. Joe's station is in the very back.
The Trevor James Experience is a gorgeous space. Joe’s station is in the very back.

The only thing missing is a keurig and artwork on the walls!

The nice thing about working with Joe is that he is a true believer in all-natural skin care, but not the least bit judgemental or preachy. If you ask for suggestions, he’s happy to advise you on what supplies to use daily but if you use soap and water, then come in for an occasional facial – he’s okay with that, too. His suggestions are very reasonable – buy a bottle of witch hazel as an astringent. That’s about $3.00 at a drugstore. He’s happy to help you source ingredients and share the contact information for his suppliers.

Having a facial in the middle of a snowstorm was a bit of an odd sensation in terms of spring purging, but it did work. The facial drew out some blemishes and my face doesn’t feel so tight and heavy. Even my hands feel better.

Location: The Trevor James Experience Salon, 519 E. Ohio Street (street parking at meters) on the Northside

Contact Joe to schedule a facial: 412-322-8840  or

Hours:  Mon: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm       Sun: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Price Range: $30-$60 (depends upon time and add-ons)

Joe offers a monthly special 30 minute facial for $25 which is a great deal. Check out his Facebook page for upcoming dates.

Joe is LGBTQ friendly and very willing to talk ahead of time about skin care needs. He has participated in LGBTQ Health Fairs.

Disclaimer: I have known Joe and his wife since 1998. I have received several free facials over the years from him, but I paid for this particular visit as I do whenever I visit him at the salon. I did not receive any service or treatment in exchange for this review – I just wrote it because I think Joe is fantastic and genuinely believe you will enjoy the experience.

I couldn't resist a full length mirror #selfie
I couldn’t resist a full length mirror #selfie 


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