“Put a Rainbow On It” – Quirky Video Explores How We Create Queer Safe Spaces

My friend Ian Awesome passed this along … the commercialization of “Pride, Inc” has always been troubling, but perhaps inevitable in our market driven society. The issues about creating false messages of safety and other deceptive practices are worth considering.

It is sort of like a Mayor signing a pledge about a marriage he can’t perform versus championing municipal policies that can literally create more equality in his City. Ahem. Or realizing that they are out there to be implemented.

Best of all, the video producers have a scene-by-scene toolkit to explain each issue. Be sure to check that out after you watch the entire video.

PUT A RAINBOW ON IT is a playful way to reference and reflect on some of the (mis)uses of the rainbow pride flag. The video aims to illuminate and connect a few common contradictions in claims made about safe space – from schools, to neighborhoods, to nations. Made by community educators through a participatory process, PUT A RAINBOW ON IT hopes to deepen dialogue on the question: “what is a queer issue?” Share the video and learn more at www.putarainbowonit.com #putarainbowonit


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