Trib Letter to the Editor Reminds Us What We Face

It is difficult for me to muster up a logical response to this type of blind ignorance. But we must findTribLogo a way to counter the messages of hate (yes, hate) and bad information. There is no such thing as gay sex. Sex between consenting adults is not a sin. But Albert Hancock of New Kensington thinks otherwise.

Re. the various letters regarding homosexuality: I checked what the Bible says. That’s my reference book.

Does God hate alcoholics? No, he loves them. He detests the alcohol in their lives. Does he hate drug addicts? No, he gives second chances. All sin is forgiven through repentance.

Scripture forbids homosexuality. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of it. Gay sex is a sin.

Jesus died for gays, too. I invite all gays to find Jesus and see a better way.

Albert Hancock
New Kensington

First, he consider the Bible a reference book, like a Dictionary where all things homosexual are classified. That’s ignorance, but it is pervasive.

Second, he considers alcohol and drug addiction to be sinful and apparently the most significant. I am not aware that the Bible discussing meth addiction. And I’m pretty sure Jesus served wine.

Third, addiction is an illness. It is not comparable to sexual orientation and gender identity. You can stop drinking, but you cannot stop being gay. This has been proven over and over. Please note that I am not intending to diminish the impact of alcoholism and drug addiction, nor do I suggest that stopping is easy or simple or successful. Just that it is possible.

Jesus died for all of us. Perhaps if Mr. Hancock focused on his own sinful nature and stopped worrying about mine, he would fulfill the prophecy of Christianity.

In all seriousness, these are things that people believe – believe enough to write a letter to the editor.

What do you believe enough to write a letter to the editor?



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