This Week in LGBTQ – February 24, 2013

The New York Times reported on a study that found that the effects of bullying last into adulthood. Individuals who were bullied are more than 4x likely to have an anxiety disorder as an adult. Bullies who were also victims were 14.5x more likely to have a similar disorder This Week

A Puerto Rican court has ruled that second parent adoption is not legal. This prevents LGBTQ couples from adopting together and partners from adopting the biological children of their mate.  (h/t Blabbeando)

Also from the New York Times, a closer examination of the death of Spencer Cox, a longtime HIV/AIDS activist. The article pulls back the curtain on the traumatizing impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals and their caretakers.

Laura Bush requested that her image/quote be pulled from a marriage equality campaign. A gay father responds to her in an open letter published via LGBTQ Nation

Music legend Clive Davis came out as a bisexual man. And wow … just wow. .

I found a great post over on Queer Fat Femme about joining a gym.

Did you know iTunes has an app to help trans* folks find bathrooms? If not, read this post.

The Massachusetts Department of Education issued some cutting edge policies for trans* students.

Reverend Irene Monroe writes “The Black Church’s silent stance of BSA’s continued ban on gays help strengthen the church’s belief that strong black male leadership is exclusively heterosexual.” Read more at Pam’s House Blend.


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