Scouting For Equality

Now is the time!! The BSA is in danger of becoming obsolete. In this ever changing society, scouting is becoming less and less relevant. WE WANT TO HELP! We love scouting and think ALL should be able to enjoy its rewards. How can I help? That is the most asked question I get.

So, if you really want to help, here are a few ways to get involved in bringing equality to the Boy Scouts of America!

1) Join Scouts For Equality (No you do not have to be a scout to join).

However, if you are a scout, former scout, or scout leader, THEY NEED YOU NOW! Since 1991, the Boy Scouts of America has barred openly gay individuals from participating in its program at any level. Scouts for Equality is leading a respectful, honest dialogue with current and former Scouts and Scout Leaders about ending this policy. By embodying the values of the Scout Oath and Law, we believe we can restore the social relevancy of one of this country’s great cultural institutions: the Boy Scouts of America

Click here to join

2) Sign ALL the petitions!! has a page dedicated to ALL of the petitions related to the BSA changing its anti-gay policy!

Here is it

3) Keep Updated!!

GLAAD has a page dedicated to keeping you updated on all things BSA! From day one GLAAD has been an important voice in getting out the word and bringing equality to scouting!

GLAAD’s page


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4)Help The Inclusive Scouting Network

As we move forward towards the May meeting, we need your help to continue working for change from within the BSA. It’s important that BSA leaders know that we are not giving up and we’re here to advocate for change for as long as it takes. If you are willing, please sign up to be a volunteer with the Inclusive Scouting Network today. There’s a lot of work to be done, not only between now and May, but ongoing until a full nationwide policy of inclusion is adopted. With your help we can accomplish anything. Sign up today!

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There you have it. Many ways to follow our journey toward #Equality in the Boy Scouts of America. Please join us in making history.


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