LGBTQ Women’s Group at Pittsburgh’s Gay & Lesbian Community Center

Monday evening, Ledcat and I went to the new discussion group for women at the GLCC – it was the second gathering. It seems off to a good start and I personally found it to be a positive experience. womenspeak

Just as a quick overview in case you are considering attending – meets every other Mon at 6:30, free, welcoming of all who “identify as women” and last about 90 minutes. The facilitator distributes cards for people to jot down questions and did a really nice job of drawing people into the dialogue, respecting boundaries and keeping the discussion going. It is structured enough that if you are shy or a little nervous, you’ll feel included but not overwhelmed by anyone who talks a lot (like me.)

GLCC LogoMy impression is that most in attendance felt a need to connect with other LGBTQ women in real life in Pittsburgh. Our conversation ranged from relationships to where to meet people to the everyday experiences of being a woman and part of the LGBTQ community. While there were certainly a lot of common threads, there were some interesting points of departure – enough to keep the conversation lively.

Perhaps most interesting to me was the fact that we were among the oldest in the room and had the longest current relationship (almost ten years.) That’s unusual – I was the third oldest person there which really shocked me. The youngest was 20 years old.

I’d encourage you to attend (next mtg: Mon Feb 25) and try it out for yourself.


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