Let’s Get Jen Tyrrell on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

My friend and blog team member Jen Tyrrell would be a perfect guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

NOH8 Tyrrell family
NOH8 Tyrrell family
  • Jen is a trailblazing pioneer in the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Jen is a mom (like Betty DeGeneres) who wants a better world for her kids.
  • Jen and her family have a “thing” called kitchen dancing. Seriously.

So here’s the deal – we need your help to encourage the Ellen Show team to invite Jen for a guest appearance. Here’s what you can you do:


I asked Jen to explain in her own words how this opportunity could help kids and families.

1. How can Ellen help your cause?

 Ellen has Bazillions of followers. Right now we need all the support we can get.The more supportive voices the BSA hears, the more they lean toward the right decision (I hope).

 2. What would your message be?

 My message would be that now is the time to rally for inclusiveness. Even if people aren’t really interested in the BSA, any step toward equality in one area, is a step toward equality in all areas of life.

3. What is your first memory of Ellen?

 My first memory of Ellen is her sitcom that was on in the 1990’s. I used to watch and LAUGH and LAUGH. I wasn’t “out” then and didn’t even really know what that meant, but I was strangely drawn to Ellen.

 4. If you took her a present with a scouting theme what would it be?

 It would have to be an equality scouting badge with Ellen’s name/face on it

5. Do you have a dance move to show her?

 Our family loves that we call “kitchen dancing”. We just randomly bust out in dance moves all over the house (it originated in the kitchen). But not one in particular.

6. What do you want Ellen to say to young Scouts who are gay or have LGBTQ family?

 I want Ellen to say that there is nothing wrong with families like mine. I want her to tell young scouts that we will not stop fighting until scouting is a safe place for ALL!

I think both Ellen and her mom should weigh in on this issue. They can appreciate the story from different viewpoints as a lesbian and a parent. And I think together they can speak out to many, many Americans about the importance of a safe Scouting experience for all.

So please tweet #GetJenOnEllen …


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