I’ll Stumble For You – More Social Media Homophobia! (Biphobia & Transphobia, Too)

Quite a few folks find my websites n’at via StumbleUpon – great, I think.

When you add a page to that site, you insert a few tags, select a category and indicate if its “safe for work” – now I interpret this as meaning 95% of my blog posts are fine with the exception of posts where I intentionally use a lot of sexual language or reference LGBTQ slurs, etc. But for kicks yesterday I decided to take a look at the categories under “not safe for work” – prior to that, I simply didn’t share the inappropriate posts.

Wow, was I shocked.


So I can see certain categories being considered unsafe/inappropriate for work – but not bisexual, gay or lesbian “culture” for crying out loud. Does that mean ALL of the other categories in the “safe for work” list are HETEROSEXUAL CULTURE?

Why, yes, it does mean that. OMG, I’ve been doing it wrong for months. MONTHS! I had no idea there was a lesbian culture category and that it was unsafe for work.

Oh, wait ……

BTW, swingers apparently warrant their own category? And, of course, transgender topics don’t even make the list. But my curiosity was aroused so I ran a few searches. Or no I didn’t. I tried to search for “transexual sex” as an interest and kept getting kicked over to transcription websites. Then I tried “bisexual sex” and sent to bicycle pages. ???

I was a little scared to see what “swingers” generated so I opted to contact Stumble Upon and ask for some clarification.




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