I Still Want Melissa McCarthy to Play ME in a Movie

In January, I was profiled on a website called 12 questions where I – you guessed it – answered 12 questions about my exciting self. It took me a long, long time to answer the question about what piece of art moved me and edit my bio. A long time.

What took me less than 30 seconds was to select the one actor to play me in my biopic. I immediately chose Melissa McCarthy.

She’s talented, funny as hell, and hot. I think she’s super attractive and adorable and hey — isn’t that who we all want to play us?

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Yes, I am a full-figured gal like Melissa so that adds to the mix. Plus, we are the same age so whenever the studio comes calling, she’ll still be the right age to play me at some point.

When I read that movie critic Rex Reed critiqued her appearance and body type as part of his movie review … oh come on, there must be millions of movie critics out there who need his job … it annoyed the hell out of me. Not because Melissa would be offended – I’m sure she’s heard worse and she can after laugh all the way to the bank since her movie was the biggest opening in 2013 so far. But because there are plenty of women who read that and already feel that way about themselves. And that sucks.

Fortunately, those women have Melissa and others to look to as positive role models about body acceptance and developing the thick skin necessary to deal with our woman-hating society. And we can all choose not to read his reviews or support his advertisers. End of story.

BTW, if you are interested in developing the story of a 42-year-old plus sized lesbian social worker blogger into a screenplay, please call me. We are still deciding on the casting of Ledcat.


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