“Being Gay is Not Okay” More LGBTQ Letters To the Tribune-Review Editor

Things are always hopping at the Trib … lots and lots of letters submitted (and published) around LGBTQ topics. TribLogo

When last we checked, Rudy Gagliardi of Arnold was defending his stance that homosexuals can change their ways. And he’s not even the worst of the bigots! Five people wrote in to challenge Gagliardi’s point of view, prompting Rudy to submit a follow up letter.

Jim Harger of New Kensington came back with a delightful and brief response.

That he even dared to mention God in such a monumental epistle to bigotry and knuckle-dragging ignorance is way beyond the limits of comprehension.

Then there’s Archie Atkinson of Lower Burrell with the articulate thoughtul retort – oh wait.

I believe normal people agree that this wonderful country was founded — and is still based — on the fundamental moral standards found in the Bible. To throw all of that out the window and proclaim that homosexuality is normal is just plain sick.

Apologies to those who want to be politically correct, but being gay is not and never will be normal.

Archie also thinks “half” the entertainment industry is gay.  We are also, apparently, responsible for his decision to drink too much. Don’t ask me, he wrote it.

Here I have to insert a link to an incoherent rant labeled a “column” by the Trib’s own Jack Markowitz about the Boy Scouts. While acknowledging that our own Jen Tyrrell’s expulsion as a Scout leader was “cruel” – he seems to think it is a price worth paying ???

If it takes duress to get a good deed done, the results aren’t going to be great.

Fewer Scouts, for one. Many sponsoring organizations could drop their support. Many a Dad might say, “Get our kid out of there.

Because as we all know, so many Dads got their kids out of Catholic churches. Oh, and Dads are always the bigots “protecting” their sons from exposure to gay men. Lord. <eye roll>

Then responded to Archie (keeping up with this?) offering compassion for his need to drink his bigotry away, but pointing out that he is factually inaccurate.

So where does that leave us? Two letters for, two letters against is the tally. However, what I think we should take away from this occasional visit to the Tribune Review letters page:

  1. People are willing to spill their ignorance and bigotry in public. 
  2. MORE people are willing to call them on it, in defense of LGBTQ folks, their religion and decency.
  3. The Allegheny Valley seems to generate more letters than any part of the readership. ???
  4. YOU have an opportunity to get your own letter published. Just email your thoughts to tribcity@tribweb.com

The lively dialogue is good for our community. It shows that people are paying attention and it brings to light the many, many allies we have throughout this region – often from unexpected corners.


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