So, What Exactly Is NaBloPoMo Anyway?

That’s an excellent question.NaBloPoMo_012013_465x287_ENERGY_0

This is a nice summary. It is a real thing – a challenge to post fresh content each day for an entire month. No scheduling software, no backposting. It is held in November and started 13 years ago.

NaBloPoMo has evolved (???) into a sort of free-for-all writing exercise. I’m participating this month – not November, obviously – via BlogHer with a theme of “energy” and it looks like BlogHer will continue to promote this engagement on a year round basis. I see others setting their own challenge to simply post each day, topic undefined.

And, hey, that’s great. Blogging is not a lost art. It is a muscle? And I champion pretty much anything that reminds us that we write blog posts, we don’t write a new blog each day (pet peeve.)

Keep up the great work, folks!



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  • It sounds like a good idea to get people going who have run out of ideas too. I’m not sure it would work too well for me, I tend to post two or three times every single day on a whole mess of different subjects!

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