It Ain’t Over

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Hey, can we do one more election post-mortem? (I know, I know.) Since last week’s elections, a lot of progressives have been taking victory laps: Phew! Well, that’s over. We did re-elect a president more LGBTQ-friendly than any U.S. president in history—even if we (and his own vice president) had to drag him there, sometimes. […]

So, Two Out of Three?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

OK, so I am from Pittsburgh and I am a correspondent. That’s like 66 percent, right? I am extremely nervous about being invited to blog at, and extremely touched and honored and grateful to Sue for inviting me to contribute here. I’m nervous in part because Sue has set a very high standard here. […]

Welcome to Our New Blogger, Trish Mifflin

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

We want to offer a heartfelt welcome to the newest member of the blogging team, Trish Mifflin. Trish is not a lesbian. In her own words, she is transgendered male-bodied crossdresser who identifies as female, but is not pursuing full-time transition, either socially or medically. So that’s out of the way. Well, it is actually part of the […]

Four (Apparent) Wins on Marriage Equality

Let me preface by sharing that Washington votes by mail so that referendum decision won’t be finalized for a few days. But last night was breathtaking in that fact that marriage equality had three solid wins. In Maryland, voters approved a referendum on the marriage equality law passed by the State Legislature 52-48%. Maine approved […]

LGBT Voting Info from Equality PA

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

For more info: Today we sit one day out from the most important election ever for LGBT civil rights.  What happens tomorrow on Election Day will impact your life directly, so please take the time to know the candidates, understand the issues and most of all to VOTE. Some things to know – Polls in Pennsylvania are […]

Get a Grip – Life With Mobility Constraints

Ah, hands. We take them for granted until we get a papercut on a index finger or some other seemingly minor ailment that causes a lot of problems. Mine is tendonitis complicated by some fancy sounding term to describe a “birth defect” (my third!) in which my carpal somethings are fused together. I think three […]