Happy Birthday To Me; Send My Present to The White House

I was so energized by the President’s stellar performance last night – defending MY family – that I set up a little fundraiser. Can you help me celebrate my 42nd birthday (Oct 22) with a modest $5 donation? That’s all I ask – the cost of treating me to a cup of coffee or a latte.

When I approach my next birthday, I want to live in a society that continues to learn tolerance and create equal opportunities for my community – my family. I don’t want to empower rogue tea partiers to roll back local human rights ordinances and strip us of what has taken DECADES to achieve.

Yes, there’s a long way to go but we need Barack Obama to lead us there. I’ll be happy to talk with you in more detail about specific issues – but let me say this. If you support Obama, please chip in $5 or another $5 on top of your previous donations. It matters at this late date that we show our support and make that final push. If you are undecided, consider investing $5 in Obama – its a latte for me and if you want to try it, I’ll give you a sip and let you know why I like it so much!

I appreciate your support. You can follow this link to reach the secure donation page.

Here’s a little incentive and explanation why we want to reelect President Obama. We want a better future for LGBT kids.


Thank you.


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