Biden v Ryan – The Dems Come Roaring Back

At least in my opinion, Biden slaughtered Ryan. Ryan is smart, a good talker and knows the data. He just doesn’t have a plan to defend – only talking points. Even he looked embarrassed and frustrated.

The only time he seemed at ease was answering the question most pertinent to the LGBT community – the impact of the candidate’s faith in shaping their views on abortion. From the Washington Blade:

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said his Catholic faith is inseparable from the decisions he makes while in office under questioning from moderator Martha Raddatz on how his religion guides his pro-life views.

“I don’t see how a person can separate their public life from their private life or from their faith,” Ryan said. “Our faith informs us in everything we do. My faith informs me about how to take care of the vulnerable, about how to make sure that people have a chance in life.

Vice President Joseph Biden similarly talked about the importance of religion in his life — saying he’s been a practicing Catholic all his life and his religion has informed his social views — but he went on to say he’s pro-choice and wouldn’t impose his religion on others who may not share his views.

“But I refuse to impose it on equally devout Christians and Muslims and Jews and — I just refuse to impose that on others, unlike my friend here, the congressman,” Biden said.


It is informative to think about these different points of view from men who share a faith – Catholicism. They recognize the Church’s teaching, but Ryan doesn’t distinguish his world view from the “choice” of others. He’s right, we are wrong and he’s going to impose his point of view on us. Biden belives in a certain world view, but one that is secular because of the religious rights of other citizens.

Contract this with Ryan’s claims that he’s protecting religious freedom by denying people access to medical care, namely birth control. So which is it? It is both because in the Romney/Ryan world, it all centers back to a belief that they are right we are wrong.

Foolish LGBT people support a Romney-Ryan presidency, fools with a lot of money that will be protected even while their civil rights are further eroded.

My favorite lines of the night “malarkey” and “now your jack kennedy” …. i mean come on, Ryan. Who let you slip that stupid reference in?



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