Vigil Sunday Evening for Mollie and Mary Kristene – Victims of Hate Crime in Texas

Please join the GLCC and other groups organizing a vigil for the two young women assaulted and left for dead in a South Texas park. One of the women, Mollie Olgi 19, did not survive. Kristene Chapa, 18, survived but is in serious condition.

Photo from MSNBC

Vigils have been organized across the nation to commemorate all women who have been the victims of violence because we love other women.

Please join us Sunday evening, July 1st, 7:00 – 8:00 pm at the Northside Park next to CCAC, to honor 19 year old Mollie Judith Olgin and 18 year old Mary Christine Chapa who were shot in Portland, Texas last weekend. Mollie has died; Mary has survived, and is in serious but stable condition at the hospital.

Here is a link to the story –

Mollie and Mary loved each other. We witness in honor of their love and that of all women who have been targeted for loving women.

Program (subject to change):

6:45pm: Anyone wishing to do a specific prayer should be at the park at this time to do so.

(Official Event Start)
7:00 pm: Welcome by Lyndsey Sickler (GLCC) and Nichole Mahoney (PSEC)

7:10-7:40pm: Speakers from the Mayor’s Office/Organizations

7:40pm: Speak out in support of lesbians and against violence (2 min limit per speaker) 

Sunset around 8:00 pm: Lighting of candles 

8:05/8:10pm: Minute of silence in honor of those killed.

Link to Memorial walk in texas hosted by the couple’s family and friends –

*Northside Park is located at the intersection of Ridge Avenue and Brighton Road. To get to Northside Park, from downtown get on the Trolley at Wood street towards North Shore. Get off at the last stop Allegheny (it is free!). Walk up the street away from heinz field. Turn right at the traffic lights. Continue past CCAC and you will see the park*

Please note that this announcement refers to Kristene by her first name, Mary.  And to be a little more specific, when you walk up from the North Shore T stop, make a right onto Ridge Avenue before Subway. Walk about 5 blocks and you’ll see the park catty corner from the College. If driving, get off the Parkway at the North Shore exit. Cross Ft. Duquesne Bridge, take right exit to the stadiums. At the traffic light, make a right onto Allegheny Avenue (Heinz Field will be on your right.) Go up the hill. Do NOT take the right exit – that puts you back on the Parkway. Instead go to the light and make a right onto Ridge (you’ll see Subway and Taco Bell on the other side of the intersection. Continue on Ridge about 5 blocks. Free parking around the park. If you miss Ridge Avenue, make a right at the next light with 7-11 on your right. This is Western Avenue. Drive up to the second light and the park will on your right (you’ve just gone around the block.) Park around the park.

It is important to come together to speak out against the violence that claimed the life of Mollie and so many other women through our nation – lesbians, bisexual and trans women.



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