Congressman Mark Critz Rejects LGBT Community. Again.

Mark Critz is reputed to be a nice guy. But he’s no liberal, barely a moderate. So in this neck of the woods that usually means women and gays are screwed.

Last night, freshman Congressman Huelskamp (R – Kansas) offered an amendment to the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations legislation.  The purpose? “None of the funds made available under this Act, may be used in contravention of the Defense of Marriage Act.”

Huelskamp freely admits this was an attempt to reign in the Department of Justice which has made clear that they will not defend DOMA in court because they believe it is unconstitutional. Huelskamp makes no bones that he did this in response to Vice President Joe Biden’s endorsement of marriage equality.  So basically, this was a vote to reaffirm the existing law known as DOMA. It was also an attempt to control DOJ and take a shot at our families.

So, getting back to Critz.

Mark Critz voted AGAINST repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Mark Critz voted FOR the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the fall of 2011.

Mark Critz voted FOR DOMA this week on an amendment where 7 Republicans voted no.

This is not adding up to someone who seems to care a bit about the LGBT community which is very sad because his district has a lot of gays! And they got nothing protecting them except goodwill and … well, the inevitable march of history.

Rather interesting that the 12th district is in lavender ...


It is downright frightening.

His opponent, Republica Keith Rothfus, is well also frightening. He’s well-funded (very slick website) and he holds the oft-quoted position on LGBT equality “I believe that the family is the basic building block of society and that the stronger the family, the stronger the society, and the less need for government intrusion into our lives. I will protect the family from threats to redefine it or to undercut its importance. I will vote to protect the institution of marriage as being between one man and one woman.”

See how he does that – the government intrudes in our lives to define marriage so that they don’t have to intrude in our lives. Huh?

So, clearly Rothfus is a wingnut. And apparently its a real tough to call race. But does the damage Rothfus present mean we should still turn a blind eye to Critz SUPPORTING DOMA?  TWICE!

I would argue no. I would argue that his advisors need to give social issues another look-see and determine how he can possibly ever bounce back from this. I would argue that we need to mobilize LGBT folks and allies in his district to call his office NOW and tell him that you are not okay with his vote to support DOMA.

You are the only ones who convince Critz to at least rethink the consequences of his votes for families he represents.


1. Call DC and tell Critz’ team that this vote was unacceptable and you want to know what he is doing to protect LGBT persons and families in his district. Insist on an answer (politely.) Phone: (202) 225-2065

2. Email his office (make sure you live in the District).

Here’s the polite but firm question – ask him if any of these three votes will create jobs in District 12?

Don’t wait for him to evolve. He won’t. He’s not the President and his district is not going to become super liberal and he’ll be up for election again in 2 years.

It is not okay for him to so openly deny us our equal rights, our human dignity. He owes us an explanation and we owe it to help him understand that.



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  • What women need to realize is that Mark Critz is against us in even more dangerous ways. What Critz has done to a rape victim, and understand that the victim was ignored by the us marines, which critz knows is an epic problem. A local sheriff has the evidence but no jurisdiction. Critz won’t do anything and actually helped the marines. tells a very frightening story, he doesn’t want women to see this.

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