Saturday Random Cat Stuff …

I found a great post with instructions on how to build your own cat climbing tree. I would love to attempt this because our cats have decimated our little tree. And hampers. And baskets. And a chair … and …

My favorite cat in a tote bag picture.


Cats and lesbians are a well-known match. We have several cats. Two came with Ledcat. One came with me. Others joined us along the way as “our” cats. Its a constant dance to understand their dynamics.

Ledcat has been home for several weeks recuperating from surgery (she’s going great!) so the cats are sort of in a daze about having us both home — more lap time but serious disruptions to their “schedules” and not always for the best.

A typical day: wake up with us, sort themselves out for feeding, hogging the heat in the bathroom and avoiding the dogs as they trot in and out to use the backyard before and after their own breakfast.  It is sort of an instinctual dance. Then Ledcat is off to work, I get down to my work at home and the cats “assume the position” – naps. Typically, Coco stays with me on the first floor and everyone else heads for the bedroom and spots of sunshine. Between 11 and 1, Natasha comes down for her lunch and stirs everyone up. After lunch, they go back to napping.  They wake up in time for Ledcat’s return home and dinner. Then post-dinner “resting” on our laps or near us. Around bedtime, Coco decides to take a few laps around the house to terrorize everyone.

With more laps available, the decision for resting and naps is very complicated. Add in a few thunderstorms and a Chihuahua — wow. Then you need to factor in the “Cat Magnet” aka laptop. Not my laptop. They don’t care a bit about me. But when Ledcat opens her mini … “her” cats are on her lap like a flash. I could be covered in turkey gravy with a big soft fresh from the dryer blanket on my lap and they would completely ignore me.


Today is pet bedding day in the official Lesbian HQ laundry duties. Seems like the cats have perfect projectile vomit aim and always hit an entire piece of bedding rather than the floor.  They also hit “Mr. Sweepie” (sweeper) which is pretty amusing as a form of subtle revenge.  Funny or not, much easier to clean bare floor than an entire pet bed or a vaccuum. Sheesh.

Love these guys.


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