Girl Scouts! Get Those Cookies To The GLCC

We have a plan. Thank the Girl Scouts of America for standing up FOR #LGBT girls and tolerance and diversity. Buy one extra box of Girl Scout cookies. Then donate to the GLCC Youth Programs ( for their support of transyouth right here in Pgh.

For more details, reread this post.

This is not a formal effort. Here’s what you need to do

1. The Scouts hit the stores this weekend to set up tables and sell cookies right to you. $4.00/box

2. Buy one extra box, any flavor.

3. Take that box to the GLCC on Grant Street (in a tote bag?). Leave in the Library and tell them its for the Youth Programs.

4. That’s it.

You can also contact me and I will gather up the cookies. You can leave tote bags with cookies at Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip WITH A NOTE (at the tote bag drop-off.)

Each Girl Scout Troop has a charity they support so you can also buy a box for their charity, too.

You can do good. Be sure to tell the adults present that you appreciate their support for the #LGBT community (be age appropriate.)  They need to hear that message. They need to know we are paying attention and we care.