No Lesbians Allowed

I sent a link to a few friends yesterday and one casually mentioned that his workplace internet filters prevented him from visiting a site with the word “lesbian” in the title (perhaps in the whole content?)

Ironically, he was able to look up tribadism from that very same computer. If they only knew!

I won’t mention what company he works for, simply that its not a mom and pop store. Even if it were, would it matter? Most of these lesbian/gay filters are built in to the systems and it doesn’t occur to anyone that it might be a good idea to correct that at the onset instead of waiting for someone to ask.

This past January, I wrote about a colleague detecting that Panera Bread was blocking my site. He addressed with management and called customer service – it was corrected. I have intended to check on other sites and other words that are part of our cultural identity – not pornography or smut.  Words like transgender or queer.

I also heard talk of approaching the HRC to include this issue in their corporate index — encouraging companies to make these adjustments to their software filters before being asked. After all, most companies do permit employees to do some personal browsing. And there are plenty of professional reasons to visit LGBT websites. If you permit Facebook, for Pete’s sake …

So for those of you in Pittsburgh, do you have access to sites like this one from your work space?

I posted this video because the last line is stuck in my head, but the Carnegie Library DOES permit access to this and other LGBT sites …



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