Holiday Projects You Can Support

It is really early, but The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project is working with local supporters to support the more than 120,000 people relying on Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to reduce their hunger.  You can help by organizing a special “holiday”  project around hunger and recycling to help kids, adults and seniors throughout the region.

The statistics are stunning … 1 in 7 people in Pennsylvania is experiencing “food instability” which means they are not getting the appropriate amount of  nutritious food to carry out day to day activities — in other words, they aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from.  1 in 4 children in the United States will be “hungry” at some point in their childhood.

You can make a difference by focusing some of your holiday goodwill and generosity on these issues and more importantly, the people whose lives depend on us to get through the month.  One missed paycheck, one increase in a utility bill, one unexpected medical bill … it could be any one of us.  It probably will some of us at some point.

For more information, please visit this site and learn how you can get involved.

1. Donate a tote with food for a holiday meal. 

  • Box/canned potatos, vegetables, box of stuffing,
  • Ready made pie crust, pie filling, nonperishable whipped topping
  • Add water bread, cornbread mixes.

2..Wrap gifts that you give in
festive tote bags and ask recipients to donate after they “unwrap.”

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  • Saves wasting wrapping paper which may not often be recyclable
  • Lots of great totes at local retailers

3.  Donate a gift card that we can use to purchase totes or supplies. 

  • Amost any major retailer has tote bags for sale
  • a  small “gift card drive” is a great team project
  • YOU can benefit from FuelPerks and other special programs

4.  A gift donation in honor of someone/as a gift.

  • A simple tribute to a loved one who was concerned about hunger and/or the
  • A “stocking stuffer” gift to reinforce the reason for the season
  • Great idea for a “crafty” person

5.  Stocking stuffer totes

  • Socks, gloves, scarves, hats and other small items along this direction
  • Candy (nonperishable)
  • Personal care items – soaps, body lotions, shampoos, combs/brushes
  • Personal care items FOR KIDS – toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs/brushes,
    soap/bubble bath, baby powder, baby items, anything along this line
  • Small gift items – puzzle books, fun pencils and pens, coloring books,
    reading glasses, note pads, etc.

6.  Buy One/Get One – BOGO

  • Check your coupons and your grocery store aisles for BOGO specials. 
  • Buy one for your household, get the second free to donate.
  • Put together your “get ones” and donate.

We need your help to keep basic needs in our line of sight during a very magical time of year. The food and bags we collect during the next 10 weeks will be on food pantry shelves in January and February when the utilities costs increase and the time waiting in line for the food pantry or the bus or the walk home is something we would avoid if possible.


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