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The PG has a good piece on the spread of poverty into the suburbs. 

In the Pittsburgh area, more than three-quarters of the poor population now live in the suburbs.

In the decade since the turn of the century, “The number of poor in the suburbs has grown by more than twice the rate than in the cities,” said Elizabeth Kneebone, a senior research associate at the Brookings Institution.

A critical issue is getting the word out to folks that there are programs to help them now, not after their straights are even more dire. 

In significant LGBT news, Gene Robinson, the first only gay Episcopal Bishop will retire in 2013.

The reason to depart, he said in a speech delivered at the close of the annual convention of his diocese, is that being at the center of an international uproar has taken a toll on him and on the diocese.

“Death threats, and the now worldwide controversy surrounding your election of me as bishop, have been a constant strain, not just on me, but on my beloved husband, Mark” and on Episcopalians in the state, he said.

But those who know Bishop Robinson say he has no intention of retiring from public life. His status as a symbol in the international gay rights movement means that after he steps down, he will have no shortage of platforms from which to preach his message that God blesses gay relationships too. (Through a spokesman, he declined interview requests.)

One can only imagine the toll this has taken on everyone.  While the world has not ended, hate mongerers like Archbishop Peter Akinola and Pittsburgh's own Bishop Duncan have used this to enhance their power and status at what appears to be great cost to the very people they profess to serve.  How sad. 

Redistricting anyone?

No excerpts because it makes my head spin. 

I haven't heard a lot from the local LGBT politicos since they were thrashed last week.  We were thrashed, I should say, because I was in that mix. 

Ah well … I did read today that Senator-Elect Toomey is going to align with the Tea Party.  I believe Jason Altmore and Mark Critz are financing 2012 with Nancy Pelosi pin cushion dolls (not endorsed by Christine ODonnell). 

Sigh. I'm going for a walk.



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