I find myself longing for Guy Costa …

As reported in today's Rich Lord article, the attitude of Public Works Director Robert Kaczorowski pretty much exemplifies the worst type of entitlement so many public <ahem> servants exhibit.

The piece is on the official report on how to make things better if we have another snowmageddon.  Mr. Kaczorowski didn't even read it, but is quick to dismiss the findings. 

Mr. Kaczorowski said the city has purchased new trucks as part of its ongoing fleet build-up. If the city decides to spend proceeds from a proposed parking garage and meter lease on capital needs, he may buy more, he said.

He rejected any suggestion that the February storm revealed departmental inadequacies.

“There was a noisy minority” of complainers, he said, “and a quiet majority that knew the magnitude of the historical event we were up against and appreciated our efforts.”

In February, he said, “We saw our shortcomings, and we're correcting them.”

The storm cost the city $3.64 million, of which just one-third was reimbursable by state and federal governments. Curtis L. Mitchell, of Hazelwood, died waiting for an ambulance during the storm, and the city's response to 911 calls from him and his girlfriend is the subject of a negligence lawsuit filed Thursday in Common Pleas Court.

I wonder if he thinks the repeated calls to 911 from an African-American household count as a noisy minority?  Is he being flip in the face of someone's death or just flip in the face of criticism period?  Criticism from a <gasp> woman!?!

What a sad reflection on the lack of professionalism and maturity among the Ravenstahl Administration leaders.  It is embarrassing that this sort of childish tantrum doesn't get filtered through a spokesperson. 

Read the article.  Good stuff and plenty of positives about the hard-working women and men of DPW who helped us weather the storm.  The problem seems to be the attitude and forethought on the Administrative level, not the efforts of those in the trenches. 

I'll be honest though.  If they banned parking on my street, I'd probably ignore it.  Where do they expect us to park?  That's the piece I need to know.  Where can I park? 



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