DADT alive and kicking

Thanks to procedural maneuvers, DADT has not been repealed.  Sigh.  Do I even need to describe how frustrating it is that this one small step, which is clearly in the best interest of our national defense, can't get traction.

There's hope. You can still help by going through the HRC Action Page.

For the full story, see what Pam has up.  She minces no words on the role of the Democrats in this debacle. 

Believe me, I'm livid about the Republican Party's demonization of the LGBT community.  It is unconscienable and I'm grateful that the Party is separate from reasonable, thoughtful Republicans who do not capitulate to this crap.

Still, I'm REALLY angry at Democrats and the Party.  They have failed the LGBTQ community over and over.  The small steps forward we've made are miniscule compared to the ground gained in the 1990's here in Pittsburgh.  It is laughable when well intentioned leaders in the community defend them and hold up these gains as proof that the homo revolution has taken root in Western PA Democratic politics.  Translate that to the national stage and its even more laughable. 

A party unable to prevent the abuse of a military policy to discharge linguistic specialists in the midst of a horrific war is not a party we should laud.  We need to focus on the candidates who deserve our support, not those who are the lesser of the evils. 

And for those who roundly condem people willing to speak up against ineffective leadership, well … get thee to a phone bank and stop reading the blogs. 


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