Why my Dan Onorato counter remains …

While I am heartened to learn about the recommendations of the Human Relations Commission to extend domestic partner benefits to Allegheny County employees,  I must admit wondering what the next hurdle will be? 

I don't enjoy being cynical on this topic.  My heart feels for the employees left in limbo because the process has taken six + years so perhaps I'm too quick to think the County Personnel Director could have lunch with the City Personnel Director and figure the basics out.  I know unions, rules, negotiatons, blah, blah, blah.  Still, as the recommendations point out … both the City and the Public Schools overcame those obstacles so yeah, let's stop with the excuses.

I know we have to elect Dan Onorato to save the Commonwealth from uber-crazy and hope the resulting shift right won't roll the liberals into New Jersey.  Still, we don't have to quietly into the good night.  We have an equally important race to focus on federally and there are only so many LGBTQ campaign donations to go around. 

There's a clear benefit to extending these benefits over the summer — a big progressive bump at Labor Day. What could be the reason for more delays?  Would it really impact the moderate voter?  Would they care?  Would someone in the T see it as a homosexual lobby issue?

I say give the campaign a call and ask when the health care for same sex families employed by the County will be resolved.  That's the day you put on your bumper sticker and write your check.  It really doesn't have to be complicated. 

(412) 281-5678

Plus, I'd really like to start counting how long it will take Governor Onorato to help pass HB 300.  🙂


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  • I just wanted to clarify why wrote I was watching the counter…. It was not because I think you should have taken it down, if fact the opposite. I was trying to make the point that until the counter comes down, all of the hoopla over the beginning of the beginning of domestic partner benefits, all of what is said about Danny boy is only bullshit to me until the counter no longer has a reason to exist.

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