More pinkwashing of Onorato

You know I love the man called Potter. His awesomeness is exceeded only by his 27 Facebook fans.  😉

Still, he recently gave some pinkwashing props to the Onorato campaign that made me sigh. 

From Slagheap:

In other news, you may have already known this– word went out a couple days ago — but county executive Dan Onorato will be speaking at the PrideFest opening ceremonies on June 13. I'm guessing he's got a little ways to go before he's as comfortable touring gay bars as, say, Ed Rendell. But combined with steps being taken by the county to provide domestic partner benefits, it's progress.

This is simply not true.  Whomever is sharing this “word” is grossly misleading the masses … Onorato spoke at Pride LAST YEAR.  Not a decade ago.  Here's the photo:

Why is it news that he's coming AGAIN to his hometown Pridefest?

Could it be that his campaign might want him at this event to get the very critical support of Philly progressives?

The problem is the pinkwashers aren't content to just put him out there as the best choice.  They have to build this entire fairyland where he's the great hope for homosexuals, when we all know the best we can hope for is that he won't do anything too awful.  It makes me want to vomit that he gets credit for a commission saying domestic partner benefits are a good thing.  It really makes me want to vomit that good journalists like Chris Potter rarely if ever mention the fact that Onorato's failure to act on this for six+ years caused City employees of the 911 Center to lose benefits. To be fair, that falls on the shoulders of Mayor Murphy and City Council, too. 

But for crying out loud … we are supposed to turn cartwheels and clap our hands with glee because our Chief Executive comes to Pridefest again?  Girl, please.

Speaking of which, Luke didn't show last year and sent the City HRC Chair in his stead.  Anyone taking bets that he'll blow it off again until he's up for election?

Yes, my standards for progress are higher than Chris Potter's, but it isn't his family's health insurance in the balance, is it? 


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